BIEHLER is a German family business that has been developing ecologically responsible and sustainable cycling clothing since 1993. The vision of the company is that we must all make a contribution to the preservation and protection of nature that we as cyclists enjoy to the full.

BIEHLER stands as a brand for: INDEPENDENT - ECO - FAIR

Independence refers to the family nature of the company that remains true to its values ​​despite its growth.

Ecology refers to the company's sustainable approach. BIEHLER cycling clothing is made from ecologically and socially responsible textiles. BIEHLER only uses materials that are made with products that are safe for people and the environment and that do not cause air or water pollution. BIEHLER also has a range of products made from recycled fiber.

Being fair refers to BIEHLER 's choice to design and develop products locally and to manufacture them as much as possible in Germany or within Europe. For BIEHLER , fairness also means that no animal products or materials are used in the making of their cycling clothing.