Bombtrack is a cycling company based in Cologne, Germany. Since the start, Bombtrack applies one basic rule: building bikes that they would like to ride themselves. The brand develops bikes for the love of cycling, not to make bikes that can be produced on a massive scale. Bombtrack focuses on riders who identify themselves with the cycling culture and with the brand itself.

From the beginning, Bombtrack built a community with its riders. Bombtrack uses the input from this community to get inspired and to make their bikes better. The brand works closely together with their community but will always remain true to its own ideals by creating innovative and charismatic bikes and not driven by commercial interests.

Bombtrack has bicycles for almost all terrains (urban, cyclocross, gravel, adventure and touring, road and MTB). They are made of steel, alloy or carbon. The bikes are unique, reliable and always have beautiful graphics on the frames.

For some of their models, Bombtrack uses wheels from Hunt which are separately available at Coureur.

"No attitude - just ride."