Restrap started in 2010 with a single sewing machine in the founder's bedroom in Yorkshire (UK) who made pedal straps for himself and his friends. The brand grew rapidly and offers nowadays a wide range of bags, luggages and accessories. All products are made by hand in a workshop in Leeds (UK) using sustainable materials and a local labour.

The brand's mantra is "design, build and ride". The brand does not want to reproduce what is already on the market, but wants to innovate and improve. The products are made with materials that they produce themselves, giving them full control over how their products are made. The products are also extensively tested in nature and in different weather conditions, so that the usability of the products is maximally guaranteed. Restrap works closely together with Pelago, a Finnish brand that produces bikes and that is also available at Coureur.

Keep an eye out on the handmade card that comes together with your Restrap. This is signed by the person who made your product.