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Cycling inspires millions of people all over the world, with an ever-growing fan base. With some 200 photographs, the book 'Icons of Cycling' captures the thrill and fascination of this sport on two wheels. Composed of the work of some of the best cycling photographers, the book exudes the spirit of cycling - as close and emotional as if the reader were part of the race itself. Discover extraordinary photographs of the peloton winding along serpentines in the Alps; exhausted athletes at the end of a stage; and the unknown heroes of the team behind it. A microcosm of ambition and passion, pain and glory, this book is both a photographic work of art and a contemporary document of a thriving sport. A cherished item for every cycling fan.

Author: Kirsten Van Steenberge 

Foreword: Peter Sagan

English | Hardcover | 9783961713554 | 1st edition; September 2021 | 272 pages

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