Black Sheep Cycling Women's Elements Thermal Jersey - Green

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Size chart

If your measurements fall between sizes, we advise you to size up for a better fit.

Height (cm) 140-155 150-165 160-170 165-175 170-180 175-185
Chest (cm) 65-75 75-85 85-95 90-98 94-100 100-106
Waist (cm) 45-55 55-65 64-75 74-80 80-86 86-94
Weight (kg) 40-50 45-55 50-63 57-68 64-75 71-85


This green cycling jacket with long sleeves from Black Sheep Cycling is a thermal cycling jacket for women. It offers you the necessary warmth during your bike rides on cold days.

The cycling jacket has a tight fit so that your cycling apparel does not flap in the wind and does not give you unnecessary resistance. To make you visible during your cycling rides in winter, this thermal cycling jacket has reflective details.

This green cycling jacket is part of the "Elements" collection of Black Sheep Cyling and is made of Thermodream, a luxurious thermal fabric that is produced in Italy.

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